About John

I’m a Melbourne based landscape photographer, and fine art print maker.  I’m passionate about exploring life through the landscape and helping others bring their own art into life, whether that’s in printed form or through new skills, ideas and perspectives.

For printing services, photographs or any questions, please be in touch.

John Hardiman with the 'Balliang Tree'


In my past life as an Engineer I’ve had the privilege of working in different parts of the world, but I always find my passion lies here in photographing the Australian landscape.

As I’ve rubbed shoulders with inspiring and amazing photographers, one of my greatest realisations was taught by example, that beauty can be found all around us, we just have to find it.  And that’s why I find myself exploring and appreciating places that aren’t necessarily well known, places that aren’t on the tourist highway.  Australia has some wonderful and iconic landscapes, places that knock your socks off and which I thoroughly enjoy visiting, but it’s an inner connection with the land that I really seek to capture.


It’s not until an image exhibits in print form that I feel it’s truly complete, somehow it has become real.  By contrast, an image displayed in pixel form tends to show itself only for a moment, before vanishing into distant memories, buried under the busyness of life.

What’s in a photograph?

Life. Time carries on, but we must take time out to step back and reflect.  In contrast to the flash bang messages generated by the me

dia and commercialism around us, the meaning of a photograph can be a little more elusive.   Photographs can be observed over time and can speak more deeply, they can draw us in, we engage with them and can be inspired, and yet the experience can still be difficult to interpret into words.

A world perception

We live in a world of contrasts and consumerist times, it’s an age of information and a time of rapid change.  Progress is the name of the game, we’re quick to replace, upgrade and move ‘forward’ and although the ‘old’ hasn’t changed it now seems inadequate.   On one hand we’re struggling to keep pace with the world, on the other we experience comforts and conveniences that were never before imagined.  At what cost has this ‘progress’ come?


I’m convinced that the closer we look at nature, and at ourselves, the more God is evidenced.  God may just be an abstract concept to you, but either way, God represents life, and that’s what I find in the landscape.  It’s an idea that seems more and more distant from mainstream culture as each year passes, God is being replaced by new ideas as society moves ‘forward’ but what is it we’re really leaving behind?

Understanding ourselves

Whether it’s a single image or the result of a collection, I aim to create photographs which are deeper than their surface.  In a way they’re a study of the world we live in, and through them perhaps we can better understand ourselves.


John Photographing at Lake Mountain
Lake Mountain 2016


Ballarat 2016


The Otways 2014


Anne Beadell ‘Highway’ 2014