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And the survey says…

Last month I ran a survey covering photography, art and printing.  So what did I find out?

Lets start with a big thank you to all who participated, there were around 50 respondents with a large percentage in the 40+ age bracket, about half were photography enthusiasts of some description, with a scattering of professional photographers and artists thrown in.

So here’s a simplified version of what came out.


  • It’s probably no surprise that most of you photograph to share and document life (80%), with fun, creativity, expression and the challenge close behind.  Some of you have very specific uses like commercial photography or painting references.
  • Most of your images are seen by others digitally (87%), followed by photo books, prints and other display’s.
  • 60% of you want to expand your photography skills in the future, and 30% might want to.


  • I read through every description on the art you’ve chosen to display around your homes, and thanks so much for sharing, it’s a great insight into what really matters to you.  Put simply, most of the artwork you display has a very personal connection attached, perhaps to a person, place, memory or experience, and it seems that the artwork with less personal connection is often displayed more on it’s decorative merits.  So the next time you’re capturing a moment, consider what it is that you’re really connecting with, and how will you show that visually.  I’m sure you could write a book on this topic, so this only scratches the surface.


  • Over 80% of you make prints of some form, this was a surprise to me because I assumed that most people don’t actually print any more because of social media, and there are statistics that show over 90% of us would be on facebook.
  • You’re a caring bunch, with 60% of you making prints for gifts or sharing, roughly equal to the percentage who print for display or walls around the home.  Not to say that 60% of your prints are given away, but that 60% of you would give prints as a gift.
  • About half of you will print at a ‘shopping centre’ style lab, but they also scored relatively poorly in your satisfaction ratings, which shouldn’t be too surprising since your bias in a printer was towards quality, expertise and customisation.
  • And here’s a shameless plug to finish off, after seeing your results from shopping centre labs, I was happy to see that if you’re using my printing service, you’ll most likely be very satisfied with the results 🙂

Of course there was more to be discovered, but that will most likely come out in future articles and ideas, so thanks again for your input!