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Basic frame sizes

Frames with prints for visual reference

Trying to decide on a print or frame size?  Here are a couple of handy images to help visualise some common sizes. (Tap the images for a larger view)   I looked at[…]

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Understanding Fine Art Papers

Canson Aquarelle

Choosing a fine art paper for digital prints can be confusing if you’re not already familiar with the papers, and vague marketing descriptions like sensual, velvety or prestigious don’t help very much.  So[…]

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Hyperfocal distance charts

Achieving sharp images from foreground to background can be a challenge.  Viewfinders can be deceiving, and checking a magnified version on the screen isn’t particularly instructive, it may indicate what’s wrong, but not[…]

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Reflecting – Six

The ‘Reflecting on 2018‘ series began as I pondered the photographs I made in 2018.  I wondered about their meaning and purpose, not just for myself but for what they represent within the[…]

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Colour Impressions

Impression Sunrise Colours

Painters are masters of colour, they must be or a painting could never be created.  Photographers on the other hand… not so much.  Photographers by nature of the medium have colours presented at[…]