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Basic frame sizes

Frames with prints for visual reference

Trying to decide on a print or frame size?  Here are a couple of handy images to help visualise some common sizes. (Tap the images for a larger view)   I looked at[…]

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Hyperfocal distance charts

Achieving sharp images from foreground to background can be a challenge.  Viewfinders can be deceiving, and checking a magnified version on the screen isn’t particularly instructive, it may indicate what’s wrong, but not[…]

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Colour Impressions

Impression Sunrise Colours

Painters are masters of colour, they must be or a painting could never be created.  Photographers on the other hand… not so much.  Photographers by nature of the medium have colours presented at[…]

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Data about data

You’re sure to come across metadata at some point while editing images.  So here’s a summary of some technical stuff: Metadata Information attached to an image or file, just like we used to[…]

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A digital mess

Organisation is the key to success! That’s what Mr Fraser used to say back in my early 90’s school computer class.  Back then we had an entire subject dedicated to touch typing, the[…]

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Light and Light

There’s light, and then there’s light. When it comes to viewing prints, artwork or even each other, our lighting can fall well short of a pleasing rendition.  Here are some measurements I took[…]