2019 Workshops

Workshops on Digital Editing, Photoshop, Printing and Visual Connection.  Run from my home studio in Reservoir.  $125.  Maximum of four people per workshop.  Simple lunch included.

Upcoming dates

Sat 10th August- Fundamentals of digital editing

Sat 17th August – Photoshop workflow and solutions

Course content

Fundamentals of digital editing

Getting your head around the photo editing process and the nitty gritty that comes with it, including:

  • Photo editing tools and understanding how they work (Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop, and others as required)
  • Learning to see what an image needs, and when things aren’t right.
  • Image file formats and colour spaces, and when to use them.
  • Develop an editing workflow with a firm technical base from which a more artistic approach can be taken.
  • Discussing and using some of your images as examples.
  • Overall workflow and organisation.

Photoshop workflow and solutions

Developing a Photoshop workflow and way of thinking, covering the tools of interest to photographers, including:

  • An overall workflow and way of ‘thinking Photoshop’.
  • Techniques which simply can’t be done in raw converters, like Lightroom.
  • Adjustment layers, channels, blending modes, cloning, sharpening.
  • Working with colour, tonality and selections.
  • Putting it together, working on some of your images.

Project Print (dates TBC)

Producing a finished print with one of your images.  Exploring some of the things that can go wrong.  A look at different paper types, printer settings & colour management.

Connecting visually (dates TBC)

Using landscape photography to explore the idea of composition and a visual language.  Covering some fundamentals and moving past ‘rules’, to explore your own way of thinking.