FAQ for Open Your Eyes Exhibition

What size will the images be printed?

  • It’s up to you, enter the print dimensions in the text box, just make sure they fit within the selected sheet size.  It will look something like this…..

What resolution do I need to make a good print?

  • There’s no single answer, this depends on the type of image, the paper, the print size, and the image quality.  If in doubt, more is better.
  • Ideally 360 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Ideal minimum 180 ppi
  • To run a quick check, does the image have 3,000 pixels across the longest edge?  3,000 pixels is typically enough to make a print that won’t appear lacking in detail when viewed at a ‘normal’ distance.
  • Example: an image printed 18 inches wide at 180 ppi would have 3,240 pixels across.

What file settings should I use for printing?

  • Technically I can accept just about anything, but you’ll want to provide the highest quality image you can.
  • JPEG, TIFF or PSD (flattened).
  • I prefer the image isn’t resized (as in resampled, cropping is OK), I’m after your original pixels, not compressed ones.
  • If you do resize the image, resample to 360dpi at the print dimensions you need.
  • Don’t apply any print/output sharpening, I’ll do that (over sharpening is common and can’t be undone).

How do I upload the files?

Upload method 1 – Box on thank you page

  • After making the order, an upload box will appear on the Thankyou Page
  • Make sure you upload images into the box with matching details.

Upload method 2 – Follow email link

  • After making the order you should receive an email, follow the link provided.

Upload method 3 – Tell me where they are

  • Provide a public link to your files (like a Dropbox link), enter the link when you make the order.

Method 4 – Upload to this Dropbox link

  • Upload the files to my dropbox link….
  • Just make sure I can identify the correct file, because it won’t be linked to the order.

Method 5 – Email me

Will my files be checked before printing?  

  • Yes, part of my service is to check over the files, and make sure they’re acceptable for print, this may include tweaking the brightness, levels, white balance, sharpening, etc as required.  These are technical tweaks, and not intended to modify your artistic intent!

How do I collect my prints?

  • Prints can be collected at an RPC club night, remember, framed prints are due on the 20th Feb.
  • Prints can be collected from Johns studio in Reservoir (contact me to arrange)
  • Prints can be posted if needed (contact me to arrange)

Can I ask John for help?  



Phone: 0438 951 980