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How’s the weather?

Be careful what you say about the weather… it’s only going to change…..

It’s easy to be demoralised by poor weather, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the camera behind.  Every kind of weather comes with photographs that will work, photographs that won’t be possible on a ‘better’ day, the real challenge is to find them.  Yep, I felt exactly that way with flat lighting down along the great ocean road recently, so what did I do?  After my initial disappointment that reality didn’t match my expectations, I decided to think a bit differently and pulled out out my compact camera to explore the possibilities and get more creative.  Occasionally I’ll photograph with the RX-100 for it’s convenience, it’s small size and compact nature can free me up to think more creatively and inspire new ideas, on this overcast day it seemed appropriate to try something different.  ‘Bad’ weather is full of opportunities with any camera, so make the most of it while it lasts.

Consider these thought starters…..

Overcast: Textures, colours, black and white, people

Plain sky: Foreground emphasis, contrasting elements, shadows, reflected light, crisp transitions

Rain: Reflections, rich vegetation, mist, rainbows, depth

Scattered cloud: Patterns

How boring would it be if a place never changed.  Varying weather means we can re-visit the same location and find entirely different ways to photograph it.  Enjoy…


This image was actually taken on a different ‘bad’ weather day in Sanqingshan, China, where I spent 4 days on a mist covered mountain.