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Reflecting – Six

The ‘Reflecting on 2018‘ series began as I pondered the photographs I made in 2018.  I wondered about their meaning and purpose, not just for myself but for what they represent within the bigger picture and the world we occupy.  As I’ve written before, if several billion new photos’s are created every day, how can just one be of any significance at all?  And if it is significant, how long will it remain that way?

I’m not trying to spread pessimistic vibes, but I do want to stop and consider the why behind the things we do.

This photograph features a canyon wall in Mutawintji New South Wales, an area of special significance to the local aboriginal people.  Mutawintji has seen its fair share of problems caused by settlement and changes in climate, and is currently overrun by feral goats.  The goats were first released by early pastoralists and now damage aboriginal artwork, erode soils, compete with wallabies for food and endanger plant species.

To me this photograph speaks of fragility and strength in the Mutawintji land.