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The whole picture

This weeks challenge is to step back and take a wider view….not with your wide angle lens, I’m talking about image editing.  I had a comment made on an image recently that the corner was a little dark, so I stepped back to consider the feedback.  On it’s own I felt that the corner looked fine, but as a whole I could understand the point, it was the darkest part of the image, so when referenced to everything else it could stand out.

It’s tempting to focus in closely on a specific area or spend time with an adjustment that can lead us to miss the big picture if we’re not careful.  Bringing the image together as a whole should not be overlooked  It could be something very subtle that pulls the image apart.

Sometimes we just need a fresh eyes approach.  So make sure you take time to step back and look at your images as a whole, take a break, zoom out, stand back, how do the elements work together?  The contrast, colours, lines and shapes, do they all play together?